Unmatched Benefits

All your meetings' history and records of each accessible from any device
Access and search the history of all your memoriaCall meetings and each meeting’s files, searchable and tagged transcripts, notes, and chat in one central, secure, US-based cloud account.
Instant collaboration – SpeedCall®
Place one-click audio calls to your email contacts across devices with SpeedCall®
Convert calls to full-feature video conferences in one tap
Keyword-Searchable AudioTranscripts®
On-demand keyword-searchable text and AudioTranscripts® with playback and conversation tags enable you to focus on what matters the most.
Activate and deactivate at anytime during the meeting for on and off-the-record conversations.
All Meeting Essentials In-App: File Sharing Before, During and After Meetings, Notetaking, Chat, and Storage
No need for other apps or multiple folders. Hosts can share files at the time of scheduling the meeting, during the meeting or after it ends and can take meeting notes in the app without having to leave the memoriaCall hub
Each meeting records remain in your account, in-app, accessible from any device.
File Sharing Accessible in-app with the ease and speed of drag-and-drop or file uploads.
Top Security
One central and secure U.S.-based cloud account with all data encrypted at rest and in transit.
Meeting invites are unique and encrypted emails per guest with nothing to download, no password, no meeting ID
No chance of zoombombing here!

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