An all-in-one meeting platform

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Instant calls with SpeedCall™
Keyword searchable AudioTranscripts™ with playback.
In-app file-share and save.
In-app note taking.
All meeting history and records at your fingertips.
Free audio/video for
5 hrs
Place one-click audio calls to your email contacts across devices. Turn them to full-feature MemoriaCall video conferences in one tap.
Control+F meeting transcript with a playback button, so you can hear exactly what was said.
Users can share files before, during, and after the meeting. Search for the shared files in your archives.
Save your notes for a corresponding meeting, stored all within your account instead of another app or notebook.
Search meeting history and review all meeting transcripts, and documents.
Not limited to 40 mins.

A powerful video conferencing solution

Tired of using multiple apps to have an online meeting, share files,
access details for your meetings history, and take notes?

Instant calls with SpeedCall™

Place one-click audio calls to your email contacts across devices. Turn them to full-feature MemoriaCall video conferences in one tap. Without need to share any links.

AudioTranscripts™ with searchable text

Focus on what matters the most with on-demand, keyword-searchable text and AudioTranscripts™with playback enables you to focus on what matters.

In-App Notetaking, Chat &file-sharing

Hosts can take meeting notes in the app no need to leave the MemoriaCall hub or use another notetaking app. All participants have access to chat.

All Meeting records with just one tap

Access the history of all your meetings and each meeting’s files, searchable and tagged transcripts, notes, and chat in one central, secure account.

We authenticate every invitee, with encrypted personalized link to the meeting

Phone number often can be used to look up a users personal address!!!

Risk identity thefts. We never collect/ask for our users phone numbers. No need for activation codes to start enjoying what MemoriaCall has to offer.

Easy one-click to join a meeting,
without the need for passwords and waiting rooms


Instant collaboration – SpeedCall™

SpeedCall™ enables one-click audio calls to your email contacts across devices that you may convert to full-feature video conferences in one tap.


Keyword-Searchable AudioTranscripts™

Focus on what matters the most with on-demand, keyword-searchable text and AudioTranscripts™ with playback enables you to focus on what matters the most.

In-app file share

In-app file share , note taking & chat

With the simplicity and speed of drag and drop or file uploads, file sharing is accessible within the app.

The easiest way to collaborate is just a click away.

Thank you for loving us

I see what I saw in Zoom in 2013 - the same level of passion, potential, and promise. It's deja vu all over again; a nascent product with potential for greatness, an engineering and dev team that is nimble, and a seasoned CEO who has a singular focus on the customer in every decision.

Mark Petersen Former Zoom Sales Executive

Other apps I have tried have a wickedly notorious reverb - especially when there are multiple speakers. Tipping my hat to the MemoriaCall team! What a difference! MemoriaCall stands in remarkable contrast. MemoriaCall's transcript function is stellar, whether I’m attending a meeting or not.

Peter Coe Verbica All-American Cowboy Funds

MemoriaCall has the potential to disrupt video and audio conferencing as we know it. Having worked closely with the CEO of the company and knowing his long-term vision it is very exciting to see the initial product release, and I look forward to watching the company scale.Legacy solutions have a strong competitor with a simple yet powerful communication tool.

Dave Sanders Board Member Sacramento Angels

This is a true game changer for 21st. century conferencing! Zoom, MS Teams and Google Meet are now a distant bad memory for me. Backed by years of innovative development, MemoriaCall is so easy to use with its one-click setup and no need for passwords. Highly secure calls. I can jump from PC to phone seamlessly. I love being able to easily search the archived transcripts. Beyond their generous free tier, they offer lower fees vs. the alternatives.

Dave Plumer Board Mentor, CriticalEye - The Peer-to-Peer Board Community