About Us

memoriaCall began in 2018 out of its founder’s personal needs and necessity to eliminate meeting notes and managing these notes.
With a history of creating tech companies that innovated current offerings, we assembled a fantastic team of engineers and product experts and set out to build a video conferencing solution that would provide the easiest, most collaborative experience.
Critical elements of achieving that experience include top security, ease of use with an account accessible from any device, on-demand, keyword-searchable text and AudioTranscripts®, and the ability to collaborate in an instant with your email contact via SpeedCall from any device any where.
After many months of hard work and iterations, today memoriaCall brings you patented technology for video conferencing with no complication, more collaboration, all available across devices from one secure U.S. based cloud account. There are more benefits and features in memoriaCall than what we just mentioned, but we would rather invite you to give us a try and let us know your thoughts. how you like it – or what you would like to be different.
memoriaCall is a remote-first company with team members based out of the U.S. (Colorado, FL, Connecticut), India, Ireland, and growing rapidly. And we are always working to make memoriaCall better. That is our mission!

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